Tozeur is an oasis and a city in south west Tunisia. The city is located north-west of Chott el Djerid, in between this Chott and the smaller Chott el Gharsa. It is the capital of the Tozeur Governorate.
Her architectural style is unique, playing with bricks of sand and clay.
Tozeur has a hot desert climate typical of the northern edge of the Sahara Desert.

«Star Wars»

Tozeur was used as a filming location for the «Star Wars» saga and «Raiders of the Lost Ark» (specifically Sidi Bouhlel canyon outside the town and the salt-flats of nearby Nefta). Lucasfilm also built an entire set a few kilometers north-west of Tozeur in the middle of the desert. This set acted as Mos Espa in «Star Wars» Episode I «The Phantom Menace». The buildings are still there and can be visited. «The English Patient» (9 Oscars) with Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas was partially filmed outside Tozeur.


Tozeur’s Medina is special and unique, different from the others in Tunisia, it reflects the architecture of the region. The buildings are made of small ocher-colored bricks, assembled to create amazing geometric patterns.

Ouled El Hadef

This 14th-century medina has a unique, striking architecture of pale brickwork arranged in relief patterns of endless, rhythmic variation.

The palm grove

Another great place to visit in Tozeur is its palm grove, one of the biggest in the country and also one of the most beautiful. Around 200000 palm trees, spread on 2000 ha, creating a true jungle.

Road transport

Located about 371 km south-west of Tunis.

Air Transport

Tozeur airport – regular services to and from Tunis, Monastir, Djerba as well as a one weekly flight from Paris. This is airport sees flights from the Tunis several times a week.