Red Canyons, blue sky, abandoned villages, oasis buried into rocky gorges…As it comes closer to Algeria, the Tunisian desert has unexpected shapes.

Tamerza is the largest mountain oasis in Tunisia located north of the salt lakes, is one of the most densely cultivated of the Jerid oases.
It has a canyon and an abandoned old town.
The old village is a cluster of ruins that matches perfectly with the bare mountains around. At the bottom of the ruins, a very dry river adds to the overall picture.
The only building that is still of use in Tamerza is the marabout (small mosque). Its white dome rises among destroyed walls.

The distance between Tozeur and Tamerza is about 70 km.

Mides has the old Berber village at one end of the oasis and the newer settlement at the other.
Mides has a few palm groves and gardens, as well as a gorgeous water carved gorge.
Mides dominates gorges cut into the rocks, up to an 80 m high cliff.
This is land was under the sea a million years ago.
Some parts of the movie «Fort Sagan» were shot here.

The distance between Tamerza and Mides is about 8 km.