Only 10 km from the Algerian border, Tabarka a splendid port extends at the foot of a green coated mountain lined the streams. In the Phoenician times it was a trading port, now combines modern with original. The old town attractions include Les Aquilles, Genoese fort on an island that is connected to land by a causeway, is locally known as ‘music town’, thanks to the music festivals that take place here.

It is the ideal place to harmoniously combine golf, thalassotherapy, fishing, diving or relaxing on the beaches with fine sand.

Genoese Fort

This fort is Tabarka’s most instantly recognized landmark, sitting as it does on a wooded hill guarding the entrance to the harbor. It was built in the 16th century when Tabarka was a Genoese outpost surrounded by the Ottoman empire, and sat on an island until the French built a jetty to join it to the mainland.

Les Aiguilles

Les Aiguilles (the needles) is a formation of remarkable pinnacles of ochre-colored rock, situated just a short walk to the west along a seaside promenade of Tabarka. These distinctive rocks, about 20 m high and eroded into bizarre shapes by wind and water.

Road transport

The port town of Tabarka is situated on the northern coastline of Tunisia, a mere 22 km from Algeria.

Located about 126 km west of Tunis.

Air transport

The closest airport in Tunisia is Tabarka 7 Novembre Airport in a distance of 11 km, East.