Nefta is a town and oasis in Tunisia, close to the Algerian border, and just north of the Chott el Djerid.
A town of cube-shaped, flat-roofed houses huddled closely together, with Tozeur-style decoration.
In some of the streets the upper stories of the houses, borne on round- headed arches, project over the street, forming a kind of tunnel which offers protection from the sun.
George Lucas, the director of «Star Wars», visited the region around Nefta in 1976 to film the external scenes for Episode IV, «A New Hope». It was for the film «The Phantom Menace» (second trilogy) that the village where the character Anakin Skywalker grew up was built in 1995. Consisting of small houses and arcades made from pasteboard, the set is still in reasonably good condition despite the sandstorms which occasionally sweep through the region.

Air Transport

Nefta lies 25 km southwest of Tozeur airport – regular services to and from Tunis and Djerba.
This is the small airport sees flights from the capital Tunis several times a week as well as a one weekly flight from Paris, all handled by the national carrier Tunisair.

Road Transport

Located about 388 km south-west of Tunis.