Gammarth was a small fishing village for centuries. Excavations in Gammarth Hill have uncovered ancient catacombs and Talmudic inscriptions which date back to around the 2nd century when the Romans occupied this area.

Following Tunisia’s independence from France, Gammarth became a popular tourist resort. Since the 1950s it has steadily developed.

It is a stunning place for a holiday with 19 km of perfect white sandy beaches lined with upmarket hotels, shops, cinemas and all the amenities. There is an 18-hole golf course just 1 km away.

Gammarth within easy reach of historic sites such as Carthage (7 km) and Sidi Bou Said.

Road transport

Located about 20 km from the capital, Tunis.

Air Transport

The closes airport in Tunisia is Tunis Carthage International Airport in a distance of 15 km, West.