Djerba is an island in south Tunisia with beautiful sandy beaches, whitewashed domed houses and beautiful, peaceful and silent countryside.

One from the best ecological destinations in the World, this island preserves its traditions and its unique architectural theme.

It is the largest island of North Africa. It is also notable for being home to one of the last remaining Jewish communities in the Arab world.


Synagogue is a fine intermezzo, located in central Djerba. It is the most prominent reminder of the island’s vibrant Jewish community, who have lived in Er-Riadh since 586 BC, and is still an important place of pilgrimage for Jews from all over the world. Although not very impressive from the outside, El-Ghriba’s interior is a rich mix of blue tiles warmed by sun-light streaming in through colored glass windows. The Torah scrolls kept at this synagogue are among the most important and valuable in the world.

Houmt souk medina

The old town area of Djerba’s capital Houmt Souk is a quaint maze of alleyways lined by picturesque whitewashed houses. The purple bougainvillea’s growing on the houses’ white facades against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

Djerba beach

The best beaches of Tunisia are to be found in Djerba «island of the thousand palm trees».

Ras Rmel

Flamingo Island is a peculiar almost surreal scenery. Not really an island but more consisting of enormous wetlands, it is an eco-reserve where thousands of flamingo’s flocks together. The combination of the birds’ neon-pink color and the azure blue of the ocean is magical.

Borj djillidj

Close to the village of Ajim – where some of «Star Wars» scenes have been shot – is Borj Djillidj, where the most beautiful sunsets can be watched.

Air Transport

Djerba-Zarzis Airport. Tunisair provides schedule service from the island to some major European cities, there is also domestic service provided by Tunisair’s subsidiary, Tunisair Express, between Djerba and Tunis. A few European charter airlines also fly to the island.